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Press Release

The N.S. Kashmir Research Institute is holding the first-ever exhibition on Kashmiri cultural heritage at AIFACS Gallery, Rafi Marg, New Delhi from April 12 to April 14, 1998. The exhibition will inaugurated by Dr. M.C. Joshi, Member Secretary, IGNCA, at 5 P.M. on 12the April. Shri J.N. Kaul, President, AIKS will preside over the inaugural function. The Chief Guest at the inaugural function will be the eminent scholar, Dr. Lokesh Chandra.

Titled Unmeelan, the exhibition will highlight different aspects of cultural, artistic and literary traditions of Kashmiri Pandits, an ethnic community of Kashmir which has made rich contributions to Indian culture, literature, art and philosophy. In a way it will not be an ordinary exhibition, but an attempt to profile a uniquely rich culture which is in great danger of extinction.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition will be rare, original and breathtakingly beautiful miniature paintings of the Kashmir School, which will be on display for the first time in the history of Indian art. Several other objects of art will also be kept for view in the art section of the exhibition, besides folk- art patterns which from a part of Kashmiri way of life. Old manuscripts in Sharada, Kashmir's ancient script which was in vogue throughout the western Himalayan belt and from which the Gurmukhi script has developed, will be on view in another section of the exhibition. Besides these, Persian manuscripts from Kashmir will also be displayed. This section will also include books and important documents relating to eminent Kashmiri scholars together with their photographs and original letters written to them by world renowned Indologists. Yet another section will present the panorama of the Kashmiri Pandit way of life in the form of unique artifacts, costumes, costume jewellery and objects and motifs of ritualistic and religious importance. Old photographs depicting religious and social customs of the Pandits will also form and important feature of the exhibition.

It is for the first time that an exhibition which will give a feel of the basic weave of Kashmir's immensely rich cultural legacy and traditions will be put on view with the objective of informing and educating people, and encouraging research in the interesting, though challenging, field of Kashmir studies. The Institute is confident that the show will be a big draw with the people who are expected to visit it in large numbers. Initially the exhibition will be held in Delhi, but is likely to be taken to other parts of the country and even abroad.

Unmeelan is, however, the first in a series of thematic exhibitions that N.S. Kashmir Research Institute is holding as part of its effort to preserve, protect and project Kashmiri Pandit cultural heritage. Exhibitions on Kashmir Shaivism and Kashmir temple architecture are on the anvil.

(Dr. S.S. Toshkhani)



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