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  With love from Pakistan
  Tribal Raid 1947
  Kargil 1999
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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


With love from Pakistan...

Arms/explosives and subversive literature recovered from J&K extremists

7.62 mm P.K.Gun 60 mm Mortar Rocket 7.62 mm SVD Dragunov 
Sniper Rifle with telescopic sight 
AK-56 Chinese 
Assault Rifles 
AK-56 Chinese 
Assault Rifles Butt Folded 
Universal Machine Gun Sub Machine Gun with Drum 
General Purpose 
Machine Gun (Drum type) 
RPG - 7 VHF FM Transreceivers RPG_series Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launchers/Rockets Projector Grenade with 
Stickers/Posters of PAK/POK 
origin of Kashmiri Militant Outfits
JKLF Membership Form of 
PAK/POK Origin 
Anti-Tank Mine High Explosive Lumps, Time Pencil Switches Electric Detonators
Remote Control Device Pistols Hand Grenades  

Pakistan's Role



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