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Bhagwaan Gopinath
An Apostle of Sahaj Yoga

by S.N. Zadoo " Suman "

Since 1968, when BhagawaanJi attained Maha Samadhi many articles have appeared on his personality, achievements and state of consciousness in "Patrika" but I would venture to focus on his Sahaj Yog or what is referred to as communion in philosophy or realization of Truth by means of reasoning and discrimination. In the realm of duality, one sees another, hears, smells, addresses, knows and comprehends another, but the undivided self, by casting off the desires created by ignorance, can recover the knowledge of its oneness with the supreme Self and realize freedom as Kashmir Shaivism has also propounded.

When the Sense organs act in obedience to spiritual laws, the worldly tendencies are overcome.

Evil is rooted in attachment of self with body and mind. The intrinsic nature of self is detachment, the meditation being the last step known as Sahaj Yog.

The spontaneous and unceasing love of Atman is real Sahaj Yog. BhagawaanJi used it as a medium of Higher knowledge or Moksha. He was always mixed with devotees but detached in mind and its determinative faculties. A world outside the realm of self was of no interest to him and he never wanted to waste an iota of a second without meditating on his Master. After all man belongs to the animal kingdom. It happens at occasions that we do a pious act mentally, morally or physically. This state of mind leads us to believe that there is some super power to bid us do a good act. On the reverse we undertake to follow a bad path and bear its fruit to our disadvantage. The difference between these two states of mind is due to ignorance which creates hurdles. BhagawaanJi perceived his self three fold in this body viz. through wisdom eye, mind and heart.

His selfwas unimpeded like a fish in water and unobstructed as a bird in sky (Upnishad). Sahaj Yog i.e. communion or balanced mind used to be at his command in wakefulness, dream, sound sleep and when he went beyond these three states i.e. attained Tu1ya, it rested and later on entered his own self. When an aspirant is overcome by light, he sees no dreams and is balanced/happy. BhagawaanJi felt at that time as if endowed with faith, chastity and austenty i.e. three glories of the spiritual field. In all the three states, external, internal and intermediate, he was never nervous and experienced one-in-many and many-in- one being thus free from any bondage (Upnishad).

He used to offer oblations to fire in a fire pot nearby unceasingly which created heavenly atmosphere around him as lire is the first element to have conceived the light.

This signified a discipline as propounded by the Vedas. After all, the source of knowledge, attainment of freedom and enjoyment of Moksh are all embodied in the Vedas. This is distinctly known as spiritual discipline and BhagawaanJi used to act accordingly. His physical actions were "ritual gesturesr and his pleasures "offering to the self", to quote Soundarilahli. He dedicated all actions to Him may be Japa, Mudra or Parikrama. These are the symptoms of a Sahaj Yogi or of what is conceived as communion. One would find BhagawaanJi always in silence and seclusion ever since he had attained Sahaj Yog. With eyes open and mind fixed he used to bless devotees. On Nad or (Transcendent Sound) he felt as if he was himself blessed, when it rose from within. He hied to fix his mind on central point of eye brows (light divine). He was a perfect saint devoted to super consciousness.

It is said that BhagawaanJi had circumam- bulated Hari - Parvat in Srinagar for twelve years in his childhood, where he had attained spiritual power. From natural impulse he had intuited that he was in all and all was in him. Out of the bounty of Lord's grace, he enlightened others, and was always on his way un- dismayed, never losing, composure and delight.

Every phase of BhagawaanJi's life was a miracle. It was observed that he was in indeterrninate ecstasy" when in total silence. Of course he would return to his normal state on entrustingthe body to him. Surely one has to long for a meeting before it can come about and this longing cannot be aroused and is to be ostensibly awaited. In Sahaj Yog he became transformed unto Him. I bow to thee my Master and pray for your peace sublime.



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