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Thus Spoke Bhagwaan ji

All that exists is God incarnate (viraat) and
Om is its root. Om pervades everything.
Nothing is possible without it.

Meditating on Om means being wholly rid
of the ego. Only then is Self-realization possible.

One can realize the Self by discretion.

One's own hard work and the Guru's grace
are both very essential to god-realization.

If, after studying all the four Vedas and the
shastras, one does not act upon what one
has gathered from them and is bereft of the
Guru's grace, all one's study only exhausts
one and goes waste.

He will boldly cross the ocean of maayaa
who, though seemingly attached to the
world, has given up all wordly desires and

Where is the way for spiritual advancement
as long as there is lust ?

Think of Brahman as a tree and sit on anyone of
Its branches (representing Shiva,
Naaraayana etc.,) The same goal will be
reached in each case.

It is an indication of God's grace if one surrenders at the
feet of one's guru.

- Does what is immortal die




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