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An Introduction

by Susan Walters

My friend Mira at the time of the Durga Puja in October 1992 went with two close friends from college days on a six-day holiday to a village not far to the north of Calcutta. This holiday proved to be a very happy one. The three friends talked together for hours, sang, recited poems, and took long walks along the quiet village roads. A river that flowed through the village lent an air of serenity to the occasion.

When they returned to Calcutta, Mira told me everything about the holiday, and then described a very special experience she had one evening when the three were seated on the roof of t house they were saying in. She also told me she had written a poem in Bengali about this evidently a beautiful poem with rhyme, rhythm-ever thing. As unfortunately I don't know my Bengali, she gave me the gist of the poem in English.

I was so moved, I felt inspired to try to capture her experience in English. The poem Brahman is the result.


'The space in the universe is negated in Brahman, who is Omnipresent.

How can I forget that night?
The night I saw the sky dissolve into Nothingness The Nothing-ness that
is All-ness.

There were three of us-old college friends on a six days holiday in a
village three hours by train from Calcutta, sitting on the roof of our
temporary home in the midst of a thick grove.

The trees' branches
rustled around us,
making a little gap now and then
for the sight of the river below.
We sang song after song
and ended with Rabindranath, who else ?
Then sat silent. gazing at the sky.
Gradually the sky itself disappeared
And all that is-- was Nothing-- the Void. Then I understood:
All those I had ever known, and loved, and lost, were there.
They, and the stars, the trees, the river, and we three friends, were all
part of the same Reality,
with only a little gap between.
Nothing is ever lost.
Peace descended on me, and Bliss--
that little gap was closing up.
I felt I was dissolving in the Void.

Afraid to lose my little self,
I grasped the nearest arm
And came back to earth.

Foolish me ! To cling to maya at such a time as this

But maya won't last forever.
Once again I'll see that Truth,
the Immensity that is Brahman-(No gaps then!) And know for sure that I
am That, That Bliss, that Joy-- That Nothingness that is All.




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