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Bhagwaan Gopinathji: The Saint Extraordinary
Indigo Indian of Mystic East
Jagadguru Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji
Bhagawaan Ji After 1968
Immortal Bhagawaan Ji
Remembering Bhagwaan Ji
Jagat Guru Bhagawaan Gopinath Ji
Bhagawaan Gopinath Ji As Jagad Guru
Bhagwaan Gopinathji: Some reminiscences and thoughts
The Inspired Sage of Accomplishment
Thus Spoke Bhagwaan ji
Surrender to God
Key to the understanding of Lal Ded - Part 1
Key to the understanding of Lal Ded - Part 2
How to know that Brahman - The Supreme Peace
Select Excerpts from the Personal Diary of Late Shri Shanker Nath Fotedar
Quotable Quotes and Wise Sayings
Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji Trust Activities
Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji - An Apostle of Sahaj Yoga
Bhagwaan Ji - As our children know and see Him
The portrayal of the Holiest of the Holy
The Human Mind and Sadhana
Multi-dimensional Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji
Panchastavi in Kashmir
Reminiscences: Homage to Bhagwaan Ji on 96th Mahajayanti celebrated at Delhi
Shree Sharika Peetham of Kashmir
Spirituality and Scientific Temper
Spirituality and Scientific Temper
Spirituality and Scientific Temper
Spirituality and Scientific Temper
The Vedas and the Vedic Rishi - Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji
Kashmir Saivism and its Echoes in Kashmiri Poetry
Shiva and Philosophy of Symbols
Pratyabhijna Expounded by Utpaladeva
Saint-Poet Mirza Kak And Vakh Parampara
Swami Gobind Kaul: What his Poems Convey
What I see as 'Divine Grace' in Spirituality
The Forgotten Tirtha of Bheda Devi
Yoga and the Spiritual Path
Sri Krishna and the Way of Love
The Letter "K"
Brahman: An Introduction
Two Centenary Celebrations
Bhagwan Gopinath And the Contribution of Kashmiri Mystics to the World Order of the 21st Century
How Bhagwanji Called Me Back To His Fold
My Master, Bhagawaanji
To Bhagawaanji: A Devotee's Floral Tribute
Was Bhagawaan Gopinathji a Supermind?
Kashmir Shaivism - a Hymn to Shiva Shakti
Learning from India
Purple Patches in Prakash Bhatt's Ramayana
Religion as I see It
From Grief to Renunciation
The Holy Mother - A Symbol of An Ideal Motherhood

"Bhagwan Gopi Nath Ji of Kashmir"

The Inimitable Sage
Jagadguru Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji




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