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Was Bhagawaan Gopinathji a Supermind ?

by Triloki Nath Dhar

Some 3 billion years ago tiny living cells slithered in mud and sand particles of the primitive oceans. A living cell is composed of living matter called protoplasm. How a living cell took birth, nobody has been able to , say any thing about it thus far. There are 92 elements of Matter out of which not more than 8 elements participate in making protoplasm. Out of these 8 elements Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen are indispensable for making a living cell. Thus, life is not "inconscient" in a metal or in every elementary substance.

As soon as the living cell made appearance in the primitive seas the marvel of the Evolution of Species was set off. Millions of species evolved and at a certain stage bifurcated into Animal and Vegetable kingdoms. Today we know that the atmosphere and the sky are biologically made. We also know that each and every life starts from a pre-existing life. The Evolution of Life kept pace with the geological evolution of Earth's crust.

Evolution is an inscrutably astonishing cosmic plan for creating ascending series of more and more complex and varied forms of life for a purpose which Man is unable to grasp fully. Nevertheless, one gets a feel that some superior intelligence has been guiding the Evolution of life, though its locale is indefinable. In this connection one cannot fully agree with Sri Aurobindo that "all evolution must proceed at first by a slow unfolding ; for each new principle that evolves its power has to make its way out of involution in inconscience and ignorance".

It took the human body billions of years to evolve with its Brain and sense organs. The human eye can detect 7 colours of which white light is composed. The human ear can distinguish 7 notes of the musical scale. If I art! observing a star there are 3 "spaces" involved-the space where the star is situated ; the space where I am situated ; the space where the visual sensation of the star is flashed into 'perception. Is there a way to interlink the three spaces ?

Occult science is not essentially "the science of the subliminal". It is the science of that part of mental activity which cannot be clearly expressed in language or in symbols.

Spirituality in essence is to know the real nature of the being. It is to know whether the being, I-ness imbued with consciousness, is beyond matter or has emanated from matter. As per Rupa Bhawani's doctrine, the power to imbue with consiousness rests absolutely with Supreme Siva.

Thus she says:

Athi kanse-na tsetan thavun

(Entrusting to-none the power of imbuing with consciousness).

Supreme Purusha is creating beings imbued with consciousness, but deluded by Maya shakti keeping them whirling in duality, ignorance, greed, hunger, tamas, selfishness and meum and teum.

The creative powers of the Supreme Being are infinite. He has created beings in material bodies. He has also created beings in bodies which are not of matter. A sadhaka knows all this.

An animate material body is subject to growth, decay and death. Our human body grows with all its organs and reaches to full stature, weighing more than 55 kilograms, in about 35 years. After 50 years various organs show symptoms of wear and tear and a time comes when the body suffers death. Every fraction of a second, millions of atoms (of matter) which formed part of our body are shed and millions of outside atoms are taken in. Human body consists of about 10 trillion living cells. At the time of death most of the atoms which formed part of the body at birth are no longer there. All that remains almost unaltered in our body is individuality with consciousness.

The problem is whether a Supermind incarnate in human body can ascend to higher spheres in earthly body. It is recorded that Lord Rama ascended to his dham in the very body which He had on Earth. Similarly, Yudhishtara is believed to have ascended to Heaven in the same physical body which he had on Earth. Rationalists warn us not to believe in such myths. They argue that Yudhishtara could have descended again on Earth to show himself to some of his close associates. They don't believe that Sant Tulsi Das saw Lord Rama at Chiterkot with open eyes.

I explained to one of the Rationalists that Man (Homosapien) evolved from anthropoid ape, 10 million years ago, in Africa, Europe (Spain) etc. and today we have so many anthropoid apes but don't find any member of such species mutating into man through its offspring. I added that a rare event may not be repeated for millions of years. So, Lord Rama's ascending to His dham in the very physical body which he had on Earth, having been a rarest event, may not be repeated for millions of years.

The birth of a Supermind is a possibility. Lord Krishna was a Supermind. He says to Arjuna (Chapter 4 of Bhagvad Geeta) that in the beginning of this kalpa he imparted knowledge of Yoga to Vivasvan (Sun) and Vivasvan transmitted this knowledge to Manu and Manu revealed it to King Ikhvaku. Arjuna points out to Lord Krishna that He (Lord Krishna) existed in that present but the birth of Vivasvan was the most ancient, so how was it that the Lord living in the present imparted knowledge of Yoga to Vivasvan in the most ancient past? Lord Krishna replied to Arjuna that both of them had passed through many births with the deference that Arjuna had forgotten those births while he (Lord Krishna) remembered all the previous births. A Supermind has the power to recollect the past lives.

IN OUR OWN TIMES Bahagwaan Gopi Nathji was a supreme yogi. Divine Mother (18 armed Sharika) had initiated him into shakhti chakra. Again, Divine Mother (Maha Ragnya) had initiated him into the Serpent power of the Spanda (wave). Right up from early age He rivetted himself on to Supreme Deity. During early days of sadhana a tiny flame of an earthenware lamp was His constant companion. He constantly remained in the vision of God, glued to the Deity, forgetful of surroundings. But He was also awake and nothing was hidden from Him. He didn't renounce the world but remained with his kin. He hardly uttered a word ; never showed any desire to preach or establish a cult. He scarcely took a meal. After the age of 40 His constant companions were Chillum and Dhoni symolizing blazing fires in the heart of the Stars. His morning chores were simple-washing face and feet ; rolling turban on His head in a characteristic style and fixing tilak on His forehead resembling the Sharika Shilla at Hari Parbat. While immovable on his asana He was all powerful, active, helping devotees, directing mundane affairs, moving in His astral body from plane to plane and from individual to individual ; knew the past, present and future but remained hugged to the Deity with all His might. He did create a powerful system of Yoga Shakti and a vast band of dedicated followers. He was Yoga Shakti incarnate.

Was Bhagawaan Gopinathji a Supermind?

[The author is a versatile writer, he has written a number of books including his pioneering work on Roopa Bhavani. At present he is living in Goa]



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