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Dear Divine Soul Surinder ji,

Lakshmi BhagwatiMaa Laxmi is not a object which can stay with you. Maa Laxmi is "Ardangni of Bagwan Vishnu". It is all your Karmas what you have done in the past births, you are getting the same things. Maa Laxmi is not money. It is only Baniya peoples belief, for us Maa Laxmi is "Jagat Mata".  

Believing that one's body and other worldly things do not belong to oneself, utilising the worldly things for the betterment of the world, getting freed from the expectation of any returns and doing things with a sense of duty results in the state of unattachment or detachment with the world and it's materialistic attractions.
We may live in the world, but we should not allow it to enter our being (our consciousness). A boat may remain in the sea but the moment the water enters the boat it is a sign of danger.
By developing a sense of owning and belonging in this world and its materialistic offerings we develop an attachment for them which binds our minds to them and blurs our awareness thus making it impure. Hence remember the mantra "prabhoraham mam prabhuhu" and make it steady in your consciousness. It means "I am God's and God is mine. I cannot belong to anyone other than God and no one but God alone can be mine."
In reality, that which can never be yours (achieved) is sansaar (world) and that which one can never lose is parmatma (The Higher Soul or God). 

Jai Shri Krishna,

I was very happy that you have invited me to give some knowledge about our rituals and Dharm Shastra on the occasion of Zang Tri programme which was celebrated in Shalimar Garden on 21/3/2010. 

I personally feel very happy to see the gathering and love to deliver what was possible in that limited time. Man in the present times is unhappy because his thinking is wrong. He believes things to be true which in reality are untrue. He has forgotten the Truth. He runs behind falsehood not knowing where to go. He is running blindly without knowing what his destination is. His journey in life lacks planning. Like the bull in the oil mill man keeps running round and round in circles reaching nowhere.
There is no greater deed than working for another's benefit and there is no greater sin than causing pain to others. Some people suddenly become rich amassing wealth or attaining power. Their character however does not grow commensurate with their material progress. Their minds remain small and shallow. By adopting spiritual values in life we enrich our character. Spiritual growth should not be only a matter of discussions and precept, it should be put into practice. Scriptures have described aacharan putting into practice our action as the true test of our spirituality. It improves our life in this world as well as the next. Dharma is not a matter of discussion or debate. It has to be put into practice. Nothing is impossible for him who has worked for another's benefit. Everything is attainable for such a person in this world. For him Bhakti, Devotion, Bhukti, enjoyments and God, everything is easily attainable.
Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharyaji says that three things in life are difficult or impossible to achieve. Human birth, thirst for knowledge and company of the saints and holy people. To take birth as a human is very rare. But what is the use of human birth if the humane qualities are missing from our life? There are billions of human beings but humane qualities are rare. What use is salt if it does not taste salty or sugar if it does not taste sweet? 
Without the guidance of saints and holy people we cannot get knowledge and without knowledge we can't attain liberation. Liberation is the fruit of knowledge. However man lives a mundane life and carrying the burden of living like the bulls in the oil mill. Get up, wake up and live a life of value and integrity. 

Dear Divine Soul Pawan Kachru,

Jai Shri Krishna,
I was very happy this year that you have invited me to perform Shivratri puja in Dubai. Often I have been asked why I travel to far off lands. My explanation is that I want to bring about three kinds of changes in our community. First all they should be god-fearing. Second they should be active; and thirdly they should unite. I feel that there will be no problems in life if these three aims can be achieved.
Today, people of our community discuss the problems every day over cups of tea and forget every thing when the cups are empty and the meeting is dispersed. They ask one another what will happen to our community. Whatever happens shall be shared by all of us; but we have to make our own contribution in action keeping ourselves within our limitations. People like you and  each one of us lights a lamp, we shall get a row of lamps to fight the darkness. 
In order to be useful, a person should have three qualities: love, the spirit of sacrifice and service. It is love that enables us to sacrifice, and it does it so quietly without any publicity. Only a true lover can be a true 'tyagi' (one who has renounced) and peace prevails in the life of such a person. 
When we are in the service of someone, we are subservient to them. This is not a bad thing. It is better to be a servant than to be a slave. Sometimes we are slaves to our addictions while at other times we are slaves to our greed. Many people become slaves to lust while at other times to anger or envy. We are dissipating our lives in vain having dumped it in sensual pleasures. If at all you want to be a slave, then be a slave of God Shiva. We should belive in him and in our retuals they bring into our lives great happiness, love, joy and renunciation.

The great sage Sutikshana Muni says to Shri Rama in the Ramacharitmanas:
asa abhimana jai jani bhore, mai sevaka raghupati pati more. 

"Never let this exalted feeling disappear from my mind even in an unguarded moment that I am Rama’s servant and He is my master." 

Only he who is a true lover and tyagi can be a true servant. Service will bring into our lives great happiness, love, joy and renunciation.I pray that our lives become filled with true love, the spirit of sacrifice and opportunities to perform service, and thus be truly useful to our loved ones, to society at large and to the Lord Himself.

We must be sakriya, active and sakriya sajjans must unite i.e. become sangathit only then will this community see a change.

Dear Divine Souls,

We always wanted to teach to our children about our culture, language, religious rituals, Sharda Lippi but never did for various reasons. One of the reasons is we do not know where to start and where to end. Another reason is what to teach and how to teach as many of us do not know our selves except for a few exceptions. 

Many of our youth never had a chance to learn our culture, language, religious rituals but whose fa...ult is this? Certainly we are responsible for various reasons. Nothing is lost. We can still learn and teach our little ones. It is said that age 7 (Saftam varshe braahmanam) is very appropriate for both girls and boys. What ever they learn at this age can lost for a life time and retain their habits and customs. 

I feel that we all should learn first just in case our children may ask us their doubts, so that we can explain to them. 

I will be available for all the help. Please try first and see what you think and then let our children also learn. Who knows that some of them might get interest and want to do further. 

For any query about astrology or any religious ritual pooja please feel free to contact me,,
Phone 09811735947 (Delhi).

With Blessings
Pawan Pandita 

Dear Divine Soul Ramesh ji,


The auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima is an opportunity for us all to remember our Gurus, those who have given us knowledge, understanding, wisdom and inspiration. This day is also a good time for us to review our own lives and to make sure that the 'student' within us all is still alive. 

An ideal student is one who is constantly in search for knowledge, enquiring and investigating further and further about the paths of spirituality. Another prerequisite for a good student is total humility. 

The phrase: "I do not know anything," is the first and uppermost important condition required in order to know anything. 

I want to share with you a wonderful story. There was once a music maestro who was continuously visited by people wishing to learn music. One day a student approached the maestro bowing in respect. When the maestro enquired what he wished to learn, the student replied "I wish to learn how to play the tabla instrument." The maestro asked the student if he had any elementary knowledge of playing the tabla, to which the student replied that he had none at all and that he was a beginner. The maestro agreed to teach the young man and requested a monthly fee of 100 rupees. 

Very soon after this incident, another student visited the maestro and also requested that he teach him how to play the tabla. The maestro asked him too if he had any previous knowledge in playing the tabla. The student replied: "Yes I do," and proceeded to perform to the maestro what he knew. On hearing the young man the maestro said that he was willing to teach him and requested a monthly fee of 300 rupees. 

This second student reacted with pain and said: "This is most unfair, you ask the student who knows nothing to pay a monthly fee of 100 rupees, whereas I have previous knowledge and you're charging me 300 rupees!" The maestro replied "The extra 200 rupees of your fees is to make you forget what you have learnt so far as it is inaccurate. In order to make you forget this, I will have to make an extra effort whereas the first student is new in learning, hence will absorb whatever I teach him and learn much faster than you." 

We cannot ever fill anything in a full vessel; however if the vessel is empty then it is easy to fill it. Nothing can be taught to a proud person who thinks that he or she knows a lot. Sometimes people ask questions not out of their curiosity, but simply to project their own knowledge whilst at other times to get their own thoughts and beliefs approved.

A person should never go to spiritual masters in order to seek their approval. On the contrary a person should go totally empty; they should be completely empty of all their beliefs and concepts before approaching a spiritual master. Therefore, the first and most important condition in order to gain knowledge is to truly believe and imbibe the fact that we know 'nothing'. Such is an ideal student.

I pray that on this occasion of Guru Purnima, we all strive to be ideal students and absorb the teachings of the Guru with complete humility.


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