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Is horoscope matching necessary?

- Pt. Pawan Ji Pandita

Horoscope matching before marriage is done as to match likes and dislikes, mental attitudes, personalities, sexual compatibility and financial compatibility. This is not an art but an established and proven science by itself. Hindus match horoscope to ensure a smooth happy and long married life. But unfortunately, sometimes it is opposite to that in spite of getting horoscope matched. There is some thing wrong with the method of matching. Horoscope of a person reveals the past, present and future of the person. Provided it is done by a knowledgeable Guru Ji .It is not correct to match the horoscope on the basis of the Gun Millan exclusively. Many sites claim to be the authentic one but what they actually mean that the vedic astrology methods that they rely on are ancient, proven and authentic but that doesn’t mean that their analyses of the horoscope is good too. It takes a brilliant and highly experienced astrology expert to understand the horoscope well and predict something verifiable on the basis of stars and signs. Computer software and other so called competent Gurujs, only consider Rashi, Bhukuta,Nadi etc. The moon signs are given undue importance and the most vital houses like the Lagna 5th house,7th and 8th houses are ignored. In fact the horoscopes need to be judged in detail before reaching any conclusion. The horoscopes should be judged for the following five aspects (1) Good longevity (2) Good financial condition (3) Good health & sexuality (4) Children & (5) Nature. How can the married life of a couple sustain itself over a long period of time if one of them is unfaithful though highest number of points may have been reflected on the basis of this so called Gun Millan.? How can a person know the marital status or the physical tastes or the mental disposition of a person by considering the Gun-Milan points only? Matching of horoscopes on only Gun Millan is incorrect. It amounts to misguiding the innocent people whose charts are to be matched. Persons practicing such matching methods should be discouraged to do so. Because this trend is not only dangerous for the prospective candidates but also puts a question mark on the credibility of these so-called ‘competent persons’.

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Pawan Pandita


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