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Bhagwan Shankar
Every year we celebrate Mahashivratri (Herath), the festival of the great Lord Shiva who brings about the emancipation of all. One who holds poison in his throat, one who can be Neelkanth, only he can ensure liberation for all. If the poison be thrown out, it will kill the world; if gulped down it will kills us. Therefore Lord Shiva teaches us to hold the poison in our throat. This can only be possible when we are also holding the Ganga of knowledge on our head. Lord Shiva is the God of destruction. But when the work of destruction is taken up in the light of knowledge it becomes emancipating.

Lord Shiva also holds the serpent of Time, Kaal in his neck, which means he also controls Time. Therefore he isMrityunjaya; the vanquisher of Time. He is not led by the Time but the Time is controlled by him as per his wishes. Hence he is Mahakaal

All his activities are in accordance with Dharma, hence his vehicle is the Nandi which symbolizes Dharma. He puts all powers and energy to beneficial use, therefore Parvati the Goddess of Power and energy is his consort. Lord Shiva is also said to be the Lord of ego so that even after accomplishing all difficult achievements our mind does not get afflicted by egotism. 

He is Renunciation or Vairaagya personified. Therefore he lives in the cemetery, which instantly inspires renunciation. He applies ash on his persona signifying that his inner self remains aloof and unaffected by this world. For his company he has beings like ghosts whom the world abhors, thus indicating that he is the sole refuge of even those whom this world has rejected. 

Karpoor gauram Karunaa avtaram
Sansaar saaram bhujagendra haaram
Sada vasantam hridayarvinde 
Bhavam Bhavani sahitam namami

May Lord Shiva bring about emancipation of all. 


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