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Why do I tire myself?

- Pt. Pawan Ji Pandita

People in our society some time ask me Why do I tire myself. I tell them that I do so, so that individuals in Kashmiri Pandits become virtuous, these virtuous individuals become active and these same Kashmiri Pandit people get united and organized to contribute constructively towards the betterment of Kashmiri Pandit society. This is specifically my goal.  

I believe, my Pooja's to be a medium of mass communication and I aim at achieving my goal through this medium. By virtuous people, I mean ‘Sajjan’ i.e. people who tread the path of truth. Such people should become active to contribute constructively to the society. When such virtuous and active people get united and organized only then can there be progress and improvement in Kashmiri Pandit society. The society does not suffer as much because of bad people and their evil activities but more so because of the apathy and indifference of good people. Such people are either not active, or even when some of them are active, their efforts are not united. The reason for this is that these people think that since we are on the path of truth, why should we fear anything? They lead their own independent lives contributing nothing to society. 
Everyone bears the burden of responsibilities of one’s household. What is so new about it? Your entire life is spent in that. The day is spent in earning your livelihood and the night in either sensual pleasures or sleep. This has become your daily routine. Earning livelihood is not bad by itself. It is indeed necessary for living. But also spare your earnings and your time for good and noble causes. Contribute towards religious activities and do charity to the helpless, underprivileged, etc. Spare your time to do some kind of ‘seva’. Contribute constructively for the welfare of our Kashmiri Pandits in whatever form you can.
Treading on the path of truth, each individual should become moral, those virtuous individuals should become active and such active virtuous people should unite and make organized efforts to make constructive contribution to the society. This is what today our Kashmiri Pandit society demands from us.  
With BlessingsPawan Pandita
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