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Santosh Shah Nadan

Santosh Shah Nadan

Santosh Shah Nadan

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Smt. Santosh Shah Bambroo

Fatherís Name

Late Pandit Nand Lal Shah

Husbandís Name

Sh. Maharaj Krishen Bambroo

Pen name



Kashmiri and Urdu

Place of Birth

Anantnag, Kashmir (J&K), India

Educational Qualification

M.A. B.Ed.


Retired in 2004 as Lecturer in Education from Education Department, J&K.

Field of Interest

Music, Writing, Gardening and House Keeping


  • "Posh Gund" a collection of Bhajans, Social and moral poems released on21st May 2005.

  • "Bagwad Geeta" translated in verses in Kashmiri language and released on11-12-2007 at Kumar Jee Sath Sang Ashram, Muthi, Jammu.

  • Cassettes and CDís of "Bagwad Geeta" sung by herself (Santosh Shah) and released on12 June 2007 at K.L. Sehgal Hall,Jammu. The function was organized by Academy of Art Culture & Languages, J&K Govt. Jammu.

  • Translation of "Mahimnaar" in Kashmiri verses and released on 25th April 2010 at Badshah Qalandar Ashram, Patoli, Jammu.

  • Translation of "Guru Geeta" in Kashmiri verses released on 25th April 2010 at Badshah Qalandar Ashram, Patoli, Jammu.

  • "Posh Gund II" of Bhajans, social and moral poems was released in 2010 at Nand Bab Ashram, Lala-da-bagh, Jammu.


  • Samprati, Jammu (Member)

  • Adbi Kunj, Jammu (Member)

Other Details

  • Attended workshop as key resource person from 21st to 25th of September 2004 to prepare resource material for Field Level Functionaries on the theme of literacy, post literacy and legal literacy in University of Jammu.

  • As a literary critic and commentator, read paper on the poetic collection on the book "Prayas" written by Sh. Rajeshawar Bakshi on 9th September 2007.

  • A paper was read on the book "Pathwan Sada" written by Mr. Gulam Qadir Birwadi of Kishtwar.

  • A paper on "Sad Barg" written by Sh. Yogi Madan was read on 12th August 2007.

  • A paper on Mahatma Swami Anand Ji Maharaj of Wilgam was read on his Birth anniversary.

  • A paper was read on Nand Bab Maharaj in an impressive function at Nand Bab Ashram, Jammu.

  • A paper was written on Swami Badshah Qalandar Jee.

  • Autobiography of Swami Krala Bab through Bhajans.

  • Shradanjali Paper on Sh. J. N. Koul a Kashmiri yogi and a great Scholar.

  • Shradhanjali Paper on Sh. R.K. Bharati a poet, critic, translator and a journalist.

  • Paper on Late Prem Nath Bhat was read on his death anniversary.


  • Poetry Recitation Award on National Integration and Communal Harmony by University of Jammu on 29th November 2006.

  • Memento with Shawl was awarded by Swami Nand Bab Ahsram, Jammu.

  • Memento with Shawl was awarded by Swami Kumar Jee Sath Sung Ashram, Muthi, Jammu for literary works.

  • Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to the promotion of ideals of the Munch in a most appreciative manner for valued and earnest services in the field of multilingual poetic meet on19-12-2010 from Vitsar Kranti Manch International (A Socio Spiritual organization)

Other Information

Writes bhajans, ghazals, nazms, vatsuns and essays. Her poems/Bhajans are published in the journals and newspapers named below:

  • Kung Posh (Srinagar )

  • Shiraaz (Kashmiri) Srinagar

  • Harmukh ( Kashmir )

  • Koshur Samachar (Delhi)

  • Kheer Bhawani Times (Jammu)

  • Nagraad (Jammu)

  • Naad (Delhi)

  • Vaakh (Delhi)

  • Satisar (Jammu)

  • Vichar (Delhi) 

  1. Her Ghazals and Bhajans have been sung in her own melodious voice. The Cassettes and CDís of her songs and Bhajans are readily available in the market. The 5 no. of Cassettes are available in the market which comprises the poems from "Posh Gund I" and "Posh Gund2" . The 3 no. of MP3 CDís containing the whole recital of the "Bhagwad Geeta", "Mehimnapar" and "Guru Geeta".
  2. Santosh Shah Nadanís one Bhajan is very much popular among Kashmiri Pandits i.e. "Khasu myani haray haray krishnoo".

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