Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits
400,000 Kashmiri Pandits rendered homeless   Close Window


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A typical Kashmiri Pandit Family

Who are the Kashmiri Pandits?

- Representatives of Glorious Heritage And Legacy of Kashmir

- Symbols of Brotherhood and Peace

  • Kashmiri Pandits have always been devoted to spritual and academic pursuits. 
  • They have during their history of more than 5000 years nurtured values of peace, co-existence and tolerance.
  • They are the original inhabitants of Kashmir. 
  • Kashmiri Pandits are progenitors of Kashmir Shaivism the philosophy of oneness of mankind.
  • Hinyan and Sarvastivadin sects of Budhism found highest expression in Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandits spread their message to China and Central Asia. 
  • Kashmiri Pandits have contributed immensely to the evolution of human thought by contributing to almost all fields of creative human endeavour like literature (mainly Sanskrit), language, science and philosophy from times immemorial.
  • Since the advent of Islam in 14th century, Kashmiri Hindus have been subjected to extreme persecution. To escape religious fanaticism in the form of forced conversions to Islam they had either to embrace death or leave Kashmir more than once during the last six hundred years.
  • Present exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is fourth mass exodus in the history of Kashmir since the advent of Islam in this part.
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