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By Tribhuwan N. Bhan

Once upon a time, a village hadno rains, when it was most needed for the crops. The land was completely parched. The condition of the village was indeed pathetic. At this juncture, the elders of the village decided to hold mass prayers and pray for rains. It was decided that everyone, old and young, even children would congregate at particular a place at a fixed time. Everyone would offer prayers to Almighty God and ask Him to take pity on the inhabitants of the village and shower His blessings in the form of much needed rain.

On the day decided, everybody was on his way to the vast place as decided by the elders of the village. In this huge procession of people, there was a small boy running and carrying an umbrella. The young ones were all laughing at the stupidity of the small boy. At last a middle-aged man stopped him and asked him, "My child, why are you carrying this umbrella. You do not need it. There are no rains. See how everybody is laughing at you and making fun of you." The child replied, "We are going to ask God for rains. On returning home, I will need this umbrella as God will hear my prayers and it will rain."

Source: Milchar



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