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  Massacre of Kashmiri Pandits
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Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Part II: Chapter 2


The pre-dominating design of Muslim terrorism in Kashmir with its enormous contours is to snap the political and constitutional linkages with the Indian political and constitutional organisation for a tie-up with a theocratic state which has shot up into prominence as a front-line Muslim state with a fundamentalist ideology and agenda. The severance of Kashmir from the country of infidels is perceived to rectify the wrong that was committed in 1947. The Islamisation of the politico-economic structures and substructures of the state and doggedly pursued from 1947 with a crusading zeal have ultimately touched their apogee in violence and terrorism. The central governments of various political hues have played the proverbial ostriches or nodded tacit approval of the sinister developments in the field of separatism and fundamentalism coupled with monolithic political culture. The constitutional frame-work harbouring such provisos as weakened the grip over Kashmir sundered the state apart from to mainstream national and political life. With the depletion of the central authority the ruling elite and subversives in the state apparatus harnessed the levers of power in a manner inimical to the broader interests of the nation-state and created conditions in which Pak-intervention became inevitable.

The terrorist movement with all its overt and covert preparations was let loose only to snow-ball into awesome dimensions after the defeat and fiasco of Soviets in Afghanistan. It came to be seen as an inalienable part of the militarised Pan-Islamic movement chasing the goal of Muslim expansion into new belts of territory for the establishment and consolidation of a new Muslim world for a hegemonic role. Pakistan beaming in its aura of victory in Afghanistan diverted its mobilisations from Afghanistan to the state of Jammu and Kashmir for its dismemberment from the Indian union for annexation to its domain to complete the much publicised unfinished agenda of partition and in its hot pursuit of Pan-Islamic agenda is zealously keen to fill in the vacuum in the Central Asian countries caused by the Soviet withdrawal and with that prime objective in view it is not only seeking to expanding its borders for such a role-model in Central Asia, but is bent upon making fresh inroads into the South Asian region to cobble up a defence confederacy of the Muslim countries from Middle East to South East Asia.

The fundamentalist regimes that have come to power in most of the Muslim countries have lined up in their relentless support of the terrorist movement in Kashmir. They have been funding, providing strategic guidance and launching large-scale propaganda and disinformation campaign to boost up the spirits of the terrorists. They are unanimous in looking at the Kashmir conflict as an Islamic issue which needs immediate resolution by its annexation to a Muslim fundamentalist regime determined by its Muslim majority character. The organisation of Islamic countries though internally riven has been meddling to fuel the blazing fires of insurgency by keeping Kashmir on its active agenda. Organisations and varied Islamic outfits have mushroomed in Muslim countries which not only collect huge sums in support of the Muslim terrorism, but also have launched recruitment drives for training in anus and weapons. After arming the recruits and indoctrinating them they are exported to Kashmir to feed insurgency and Jehad. Fully cognisant of the role that Pakistan has been playing in Kashmir two front-ranking Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran, in flagrant violation of international covenants have come out in open support of Muslim terrorism aided and buttressed by Pakistan, in particular ISI wing of its army.

The terrorist movement in Kashmir soaked in parochialism and medieval brutalities set upon the Kashmiri Pandits as the prime target with a view to smoothening the road to balkanisation of India as its primary destination. The destruction of Pandits was perceived as a vital imperative if the bridge that connects Kashmir with India was to be torpedoed. The Pandits in themselves reflected and symbolised the broad spectrum of Indian value-system and therefore had to be dealt out a death-blow for giving a burial to all that was deemed Indian to materialist the emergence of Kashmir as the undiluted land of Muslims. A systematic campaign for their liquidation was initiated and whipped up. They were put on hit-lists issued out from ,mosques which had emerged as the pivotal centres of terrorism. Threatening letters were written to them to add to their fear-psychosis and to scare them away and more than big-sized posters purporting the Pandits to quit or get killed were pasted on the doors of their residential houses and gates of temples. The terrorists blared out open threats to the Hindu Kafirs to clear the land of Kashmir as the star of Islam had blazed up in the skies of Kashmir. Selective killings were resorted to which ultimately turned the current and tide against the Pandits. The State governnent not only abdicated, but was discernibly seen collaborating with the killers. With the increase in the frequency and tempo of killings, the Kashmiri Pandits as in the past so now were left with two options of either conversion to Islam or march out of the purlieux of Kashmir for sanctuary in safer zones. The Hindu segment of Kashmiri population who formed a very stable support structure of India in Kashmir was put to killings, torture, hangings from trees, dismemberment of live bodies and gang rapes.

With the elimination of Kashmiri Pandits front the soil of Kashmir the terrorists laced with deadly weapons and equipped with training in the use of such weapons declared war against the Indian security forces who were holding on not withstanding the deliberate crumbling of the state security structures. The role of Kashmiri Pandits in such a warlike situation was already delineated and envisioned by Sheikh Abdullah who in unequivocal terms had dubbed the Pandits as the Indian agents. Sheikh's son, Farooq Abdullah, given to harangues against Pandits, labelled them as "unpaid agents of India." Their perceptions about the Kashmiri Pandits when translated in terms of war resulted in their death and destruction as they were deemed to form a vital and more than most dependable conduit in the communication channel providing vital clues and background information to the organs of government fighting the undeclared war launched by Pakistan in absolute collaboration with vast sections of Muslim population. The Kashmiri Pandits connected with intelligence agencies and telecommunication systems were brutally massacred and tortured with a view to herding them out to block the channels of communication. The entire vernacular press not only bent, but genuflected to kow-tow the terrorist disinformation against the Mukhbirs, the Indian agents and security forces with a view to heightening their thrust against the Indian presence in Kashmir.

Maximising the advantage accruing from the Indian failure in Kashmir, Pakistan came to hold the handle of the "Master key" in letting loose the spate of terrorist violence and mayhem. It has been responsible for the determination of the scale, goals and strategies of the on-going terrorist movement. It has set up a massive network of training camps for the infiltrating Muslim youth to equip and brace them up with capabilities to use and handle arms and ammunition besides indoctrination. The key persons from the Pakistan army have been drafted to impart training to the Kashmiri Muslim youth in the use of lethal and sophisticated weaponry. The trained Muslim youth have been offered cover to re-infiltrate into the Indian positions for operation. The war being fought in the theatre of Kashmir is led by the local Muslim terrorists whose flanks have been supported and reinforced by the quick induction of hard-core foreign mercenaries from Muslim countries. Pakistan has launched upon a world-wide campaign through its hired lobbyists to isolate India on the Kashmir conflict especially on human rights violations and in such an endeavour it is being lent moral, political and diplomatic support by the Islamic countries pursuing the same ends of militarised Islam. The Operation Topaic given high level publicity by the Indian defence experts to cover the Indian failure in Kashmir had spelt out doom of the Hindu minorities by the strategy of killing one to frighten away hundreds.

The terrorist violence in Kashmir with its calculated thrust against the Hindu minorities has been inextricably linked with and owes its allegiance to the Islamic agenda of establishing a transnational Muslim front spawning from the Mediterranean to the Malacca straits. India dominantly a land of the Hindus and hence abjectly detested is perceived to put spokes in wheels of the formation and fashioning of such a front which with nuclear capabilities is deemed to pose a challenge to the supremacy of the unipolar world order. Israel hated as the arch enemy of the Muslim world has been under a constant threat and aggression of the Muslim states which have not allowed it peace and stability for religious reasons. Since partition in 1947 India has faced Islamic onslaught by the infliction of three wars with a view to destabilising it for fragmentation, chaos and anarchy. More so, the devastation of India as a nation-state which has been the leitmotif of Pakistan strategy came into sharp focus when the Sikh separatist terrorism was abetted and reinforced by the provision of modern weaponry and strategic and logistic guidance. The security scenario in the north eastern states has nose-dived and is amply vitiated by the abetment and intervention of ISI saboteurs who have been training and arming the malcontents from the states in camps operating within Bangladesh. By heightening the separatist conflict and turmoil in the Punjab Islamists have been aiming at the destruction of northern borders for their relocation in the heartland of India.



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