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Girija Kumari Tiku

Name: Girija Kumari Tiku

Husband's Name: Kanya Lal Tiku

Date of Birth: 15.2.1969

Date of Assassination: 11.6.1990

Residence: Arigam, Bandipora, Baramulla

Survived by mother (60), husband (25), son and daughter (4 and 2)

She was a laboratory assistant posted at Government High School, Trehgam. She had gone to the school to collect her salary. After collecting her salary, she called on her Muslim colleague in the same village. Her movements were watched by the Muslim terrorists who kidnapped her from the house of her Muslim friend. None protested as she was a Hindu Kafir the possession of whose body was halal (lawful). She was stripped, gang-raped, placed on a mechanical saw and chopped into two equal halves. The frenzied Muslim terrorists committed the grisly crime to establish a political order as conceived in their Nizam-e-Mustafa. It was a monstrous and barbarous killing.

All brands of human rights activists with blinkers on their eyes failed to notice the gory murder of Girija Tickoo. But, Salman Khurshid in his book "Beyond Terrorism" had the grace not to conceal the barbarous murder of the Hindu lady by her Muslim killers who have revived the history of Muslim tyrants.

Writes he, "Girija Tickoo of Bandipora worked as a laboratory assistant at the Girls High School in Trehgam, Kupwara. She was abducted in June, 1990 gangraped for several days and then shred into pieces on a bar and saw mill."

Usha Kumari Koul

Name: Usha Kumari Koul

Husband's Name: Rathinder Koul

Date of Birth: 13.6.1949

Date of Assassination: 14.10.1990

Residence: Sehyar, Ali Kadal, Srinagar

Survived by father-in-law (79), mother-in-law (68) son (10)

She was employed as a workman in the Watch Factory at Zainakot. On the fateful day she started her daily chores at 7 in the morning. Suddenly she found her husband drenched in blood while he was coming down the stairs She cried and screamed when she noticed the gun-totting Muslim killers leaving the portals of her house. They returned from the gate and pumped bullets into her killing her m no time. The Muslim murderers had entered her house stealthily and gone straight to the room of her husband and sprayed him over with bullets. The couple was murdered in cold blood.

Sarla Bhat

Name: Sarla Bhat

Fathers Name: Shamboo Nath Bhat

Date of Birth: 30.9.1966

Date of Asassination: 18/19.4.1990

Residence: New Qazi Bagh, Anantnag

Survived by father (53), mother (48), brothers (26,18), sister (21).

She was a nurse working in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura and was suspected of being an informer. She once by chance while on duty was said to have overheard the conversation between Dr. Abdul Ahad Guru, the kingpin of terrorism in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura and Hamid Sheikh, Deputy Commander of JKLF. She was said to have been eliminated at the behest of Dr. Guru who had asked her to go on leave but had not obliged him. She was tortured and gangraped for five days and her dead body was thrown on the main road of the Omar colony. Her body bore multiple marks of violence, injuries, burn marks, and four bullet shots. The post-mortem report confirmed that she had been gangraped before putting her to bullets.

No security was provided by the government authorities working in cahoots with the terrorists when she was carried to the cremation ground for last rites. Bombs were hurled on the relatives of the victim on way to the crematorium. Even the house of the bereaved family at Anantnag was not spared. It was put afire in all vengefulness.

Jia Lal Kaw

Name: Jia Lal Kaw

Father's Name: Ganesh Kaw

Date of Birth: 4.7.1925

Date of Assassination: S.5.90

Residence: Kawpora, Handwara

Survived by wife (50), son (23), daughters (18,16)

On the fateful day he was sipping a cup of tea in the warm company of his family. A squad of Muslim terrorists wielding guns barged into his house and forcibly took him away alongwith his minor son. The members of his family begged of the heartless Muslims to set them free but their pathetic pleas could have no impact on them. For four days they were brutally tortured and finally killed. Their bodies bore burn marks. Their eye-balls were gouged out. Jia Lal's tongue was chopped off and his face was disfigured. His hair was plucked out. Both the legs of the minor were amputated with an axe. A note was placed on the bodies that anybody daring to lift the bodies would be put to the same fate.

And Jia Lal was adamant not to leave Kashmir as he considered it crown of India.

Prof. K.L. Ganjoo & Mrs. Prana Ganjoo

Prof. K. L. Ganjoo

Mrs. Prana Ganjoo

Name: K.L. Ganjoo/Prana Ganjoo

Father's Name/Hubsand's Name: N.N. Ganjoo/K.L Ganjoo

Date of Birth: 4.1.1942

Date of Assassination: 4.11.1990

Residence: Sopore

Survived by son (6), daughter (8)

He was an agro-scientist and worked at the Agriculture college, Sopore. He had wide contacts with Muslims and as a teacher had taught and initiated hosts of learners. Pandits fleeing from their homes and hearths had failed to make an impress on him as he trusted the hollow assurances of his friends and students. He had been to Nepal on an assignment for a short period and returned to his native town in March, 1990. His wife, Prana Ganjoo, and his nephew had accompanied him to Nepal. Two employees of the college went in a Jeep to receive him on the out-skirts of the town. All the three boarded the Jeep and the moment they reached the middle of the Sopore bridge they were pushed out of the vehicle The professor was sprayed over with bullets and hurled into the fast-flowing waters of the Jehlum to meet his watery grave. His nephew was given two options of either jumping into the river or witnessing the torture that his aunt would be put to. Preferring the first option he jumped into the river and fast flowing current of the river buffeted him to safety. The professor's body riddled with bullets was found on the shores of the river.

His wife was barbarically treated. She was gangraped and her breasts were chopped off and finally put to bullets. But the police sources have yet to confirm her killing.

Dina Nath Mujoo

Name: Dina Nath Mujoo

Father's Name: Tota Joo Mujoo

Date of Birth: 8.8.1910

Date of Assassination: 6/7.4.1990

Residence: Rawalpora, Srinagar

Survived by wife (80), sons (52 and 42).

He was one among the galaxy of Kashmiri Pandit headmasters who had made history for their calibre and scholarship. Throughout his distinguished career as a teacher he had taught thousands of Muslim scholars in the schools he had served. He had the achievements of a scholar, profundity of a philosopher and understanding of a teacher. He was a life long member of the Women's Welfare Trust, Srinagar which has a tremendous history of contribution to the cause of Women's education. Kashmir Shaivism, Theosophy and J.Krishnamurti were his forte.

A cruel terrorist barged into his room at dead of night switched off the lights and stabbed him on the left side of his chest and gashed his throat. His wife who is old, weak and infirm, heard her husband moan and started yelling out for help. The same brute kicked her and pushed her under the bed where she lay unconscious. Though bleeding and emaciated Mujoo mustered his guts to come to the window of the room and called out for his neighbour, Zaffar Ahmed, who is a Police Inspector. He must have heard the eighty year old man cry and scream, but how could he come to the aid of a Hindu Kafir whose elimination is a religious act? Placing his head in the lap of his semi-blind wife who by then was slightly conscious, he bled to death. His assassin is believed to be at large.

Naveen Sapru

Name: Naveen Sapru

Father's Name: S.N. Sapru

Date of Birth: 14 Feb.1953

Date of Assassination: 17 Feb,1990

Residence: Babapora, Habba Kadal Srinagar

Survived by wife (30), mother( 60), sons (8 and 3)

He was an inspector in the Telecommunications Department, Srinagar. While returning home at 5 in the evening the Muslim terrorists lying in wait spotted him near Kaniyakadal and marched towards him in all gusto. They straightaway started putting him to a shower of bullets. He started bleeding profusely and fell down. The hounds who had planned his death in a mosque did not kill him by pumping a bullet at a sensitive spot. They made him to writhe in pain and agony and die by inches. Ultimately he died from excessive bleeding. The macabre scene was enacted in daylight. It was witnessed by hundreds of Muslims who did not intervene but seemed to enjoy the of a non-Muslim to the hilt. An old Pandit lady who chanced to pass by the roadside begged of the killers to spare his life, but the Muslim hounds pushed her away in brute violence. When the dead body of Navin Sapru was carried to the cremation ground for last rites, the hounds boarded a truck and were seen dancing in absolute joy and mirthfulness..

Mrs. Prana Ganjoo

Name: Mrs Prana Ganjoo

Husband's Name: Jawahar Lal Ganjoo

Date of Birth: 10.4.1945

Date of Assassination: 17.6.1990

Residence: Malapora, Habakadal Srinagar

Survived by son (27), daughters (30,25,19)

The Muslim killers intruded in her house and shot her to death at Malapora in broad daylight. The entire neighbourhood fell into gloom as she was young and blooming and looked after her family with love and dedication.

Prof. Nila Kanth Raina

Name: Nila Kanth Raina, M.A (History), M.A. (Economies), M.A. (political Science), B.Ed.

Father's Name: J.N. Raina

Date of Birth: 7.8.1924

Date of Assassination: 30.6.1990

Residence: Khankai Sokhta, Srinagar

Survived by wife (64), sons (40,36,30,28), daughter (26)

He was a veteran teacher with an enviable record of academics. The Muslim killers killed him in the early hours of morning when he alongwith his family was boarding a truck to buzz off his native place. The terrorists were none other than his students whom he had initiated to drive away the brute in them, but despite his initiation the brute remained to take his toll. A full exercise was undertaken by the Muslim killers prior to his killing. All Muslims in the neighbourhood complied with the commands of the terrorists to keep their doors and windows open so that after the gruesome murder they would melt away into their residences. Nobody reported the preparations for his killing to the nearby police station though that would be a mere formality. Raina was shot at neck and chest and fell down writhing in pain and agony. Nobody said a word about his cold-blooded murder. Instead the death was celebrated as a victory for Islam and its militarised Jehad.

In his capacity as a celebrated teacher he entered hundreds of Muslim homes to teachand humanise the wards of Muslim parents who did not shed a single tear on his death or even offer condolences.

Jawahar Lal Ganjoo

Name: Jawahar Lal Ganjoo

Father's Name: M.N. Ganjoo

Date of Birth: 15.7.1940

Date of Assassination: 17.6.1990

Residence: Malapora, Habba Kadal Srinagar

Survived by mother (75), son (27), daughters (28,26,20)

He was a small-scale businessman. He was killed along with his wife by the Muslim killers, who battered their way into his house and pumped bullets into him killing him on the spot.

Mrs. Durga Koul

Name: Durga Koul

Husband's Name: Badri Nath Koul

Date of Birth: 8.10.1934

Date of Assassination: 17.6.1990

Residence: Malapora, HabbaKadal Srinagar

Survived by mother (75) son (30), daughter (28)

She was a middle-aged house-wife. The Muslim assassins killed her in the house of Jawahar Lal Ganjoo by pumping a barrage of bullets into her. Her husband, Durga Nath Koul, was also killed in the same massacre. The Muslim pathology touched its apogee when the killers footed a dance in all mirthfulness outside the house. Instead of mourning the entire locality echoed murmurs of Joy over the group massacre of hapless Pandits.

Mrs Pitti Koul

Name: Pitti Koul

Husband's Name: Makhan Lal Koul

Date of Birth: 1.3.1938

Date of Assassination: 7.11.1990

Residence: Mandir Bagh, Srinagar

Survived by husband (53), son (26), daughters (28),mother (70)

She was a school teacher and with the spurt in militancy she had migrated to Jammu alongwith her family. As the Muslim murderers claiming to operate in the name of Islam found very few victims among the Kashmiri Pandits for the fact that they had migrated enmass to various parts of the country, they propagated a ruse through their Muslim collaborators that the Pandits could return to the Sally to take back their house-hold goods lying in their homes Pitti and her husband were caught in the ruse. Both

of them left for Srinagar to retrieve the goods left behind in their warm and cosy home. She went to her home leaving behind her husband at Indira Nagar, Srinagar considered a safer zone. She cried and wailed to find her home ravaged and plundered. It was being used as a sanctuary by the Muslim killers. As she moved from one room of her house to the other, the killers shot at her in the head. She suddenly ceased to be. The Muslim neighbourhood was ensured of the booties in the form of the goods left over within the house and the appropriation of the house itself. She was cremated under security cover.

Satish Tickoo

Name: Satish Tickoo

Father's Name: Prithvi Nath Tickoo

Date of Birth: 26.1.1962

Date of Assassination: 2.2.1990

Residence: Karfalli Mohalla, Srinagar

Survived by father (70), mother (65), sister (l8)

He was a social activist and exerted his every nerve to assist die Pandits in difficulty or distress. He was doing business He was quite popular with Muslims as well. Exactly at 7.30 in the morning of the fateful day two Muslim killers called at his house. His sister smelled a rat and avoided them. The killers went away but were hiding in the lanes and bye-lanes in which the locality has sunk. When formed of somebody asking for him, Satish left his home to see. He peeped into the lanes and in a moment a pistol shot hit him. On hearing the bullet sound the whole family rushed out into the lane and found their son lying in a pool of blood. He was rushed to SMHS Hospital which was less of a hospital and more of a terrorist den. The doctors elated at the murder of a Kafir declared him dead. Despite security perils, the then governor, Jagmohan, visited the family which was heavily hit by the killing of a young man only at twenty-eight.

Rajinder Kumar Tiku

Name: Rajinder Kumar Tiku

Father's Name: P.L.Tiku

Date of Birth: 16.1.1962

Date of Assassination: 16.6.90

Residence: Batapora, Shopian, Anantnag

Survived by father (46), grand-father (72) grandmother (64)

He was a young man in twenties and was not married. He was undergoing training in accoutancy in the sub-district hospital, Shopian. He was a post-graduate in Education. While returning from the hospital he sat at a shop for a chat with the shop-keeper whom he knew at first hand. The killers already lying in wait showered him with bullets felling him in his own pool of blood. It was a broad daylight murder. In the wake of his killing the entire population of Pandits in the area felt panicked and the pace of exodus that had already begun got accelerated.

Satish Kumar Raina

Name: Satish Kumar Raina

Father's Name: Niranjan Nath Raina

Date of Birth: 6.9.1966

Date of Assassination: 25.6.90

Residence: Gupta Ganga, Ishbar, Nishat

Survived by father (50), brothers (16,10), mother (48)

He was in his twenties and was yet to be married. A teacher's son, he had passed a course in welding from I.I.T Srinagar and was unemployed. He boarded a bus for the city and was kidnapped soon after he reached the city. He was brutally tortured, strangulated and then hacked into pieces. His hacked body huddled in a sack was recovered by a police posse at Ganderbal. His last rites were performed by police. The miserable parents wailed and wept, but were not given the hacked body. The Muslim murderers were adding the real chapter to the gory book of Kashmiriayat. The papers reported that his ghastly death was owned by the hounds of Hizbul Mujjhideen.

Jagar Nath Koul

Name: Jagar Nath Koul

Father's Name: Ram Chand Koul

Date of Birth: 7.8.1940

Date of Assassination: 20.4.1990

Residence: Qazigund, Anantnag

Survived by wife (46), mother (90), sons (30,26)

He was a head constable No.272, posted at the Police Lines Anantnag He was put on duty at Khanabal crossing. The Muslim terrorists working in collaboration with the police forces pumped bullets into him. He fell drenched in blood and was carried to the hospital where he died for want of proper medical care and attention. It is said that there was immense jubilation in Police lines as most of his colleagues were fully aware of his fate.

Ramesh Peer

Name: Ramesh Peer

Father's Name: Gopi Nath Peer

Date of Birth: 14.5.1961

Date of Assassination: 6.5.90

Residence: Vicharnag, Srinagar

Survived by father (65), mother (57), three brothers, three sisters.

He was a junior executive in OAK India Ltd. He was not married. He was forcibly lifted from his residence and brutally slaughtered.

Bansi Lal Raina

Name: Bansi Lal Raina

Father's Name: Prem Nath Raina

Date of Birth: 14.3.1963

Date of Assassination: 27.5.1990

Residence: Chattergul, Anantnag

Survived by mother (55), brothers (8,4,2-1/2)

He was a petty shop-keeper in a distant village of Anantnag. The Muslim terrorists kidnapped him and put him to a severe torture. It was after 16 hours that his body was found tied with ropes and rags. He bore deep wounds and curs. His face was swollen and marked with blood stains.

Ramesh Razdan

Name: Ramesh Razdan

Father's Name: P.N.Razdan

Date of Birth: 8.2.1952

Date of Assassination: 25.7.1990

Residence: Naidyar, Rainawari, Srinagar

Survived by wife (37), daughter (14), son (6)

He was a central government employee. He was kidnapped from his residence and since then there is no trace of him. His wife has been contacting various government agencies to know the fate of her husband. She has contacted the police station at Rainawari, but there has been no satisfactory response to her quarries. She has sent communications to the Resident Commissioner in Delhi, but to her dismay he has not been of any material help. She has filed an FIR with CRPF under a pseudonym for fear of retaliation from the terrorists, but nothing concrete has been conveyed to her. She shot a representation to the then Chief Secretary, J&K Government, who had not the courtesy to reply to her under his own seal and signature just to allay her concerns. She was scribbled some vague information through a junior officer. There was a report published in the Kashmir Times about an unidentified body having been recovered from the Dal Lake. It is presumed that it could be the body of Ramesh Razdan as he lived at Rainawari on the shores of the Lake. The terrorists might have tortured him to death and thrown his body into the Lake waters. But the wife of the killed in her maddening grief never believes that her husband is dead. She continues to be in search of her lost husband and the J&K Government with a dehumanised visage has not come to her assistance.

Prithvi Nath Koul

Name: Prithivi Nath Koul

Father's Name: Raghu Nath Koul

Date of Birth: 14.4.1941

Date of Assassination: 5.6.90

Residence: Damhal Hanjipora, Kulagam

Survived by wife (45) daughter(20) sons (25,19)

He was a class-IV employee of the Postal Department. He was kidnapped and killed by strangulation near New Nirhama Bridge, Damhal Hanjipora. He was postmortemed at the Damhal Hanjipora hospital. An FIR was lodged at the local police station, but was not registered by the station House Officer, Mohammad Yousuf, who is alleged to be involved in the killing of the hapless Pandit living in sheer poverty. It was only after lots of pressure by the surviving members of the killed that an FIR was finally registered bearing No. 42/90 dated 7.8.90

Brij Nath Shah

Name: Brij Nath Shah

Father's Name: Shridhar Shah

Date of Birth: 8.12.1938

Date of Assassination: 27.4.1990

Residence: Ashram Sadhu Ganga, Kandikhas, Handwara

He was an unassuming recluse living on tenter-hooks within the premises of the hermitage(ashram) popularly known as Saadha Malun which had lots of land attached to it. Prior to his killing many an attack was launched upon the hermitage by Muslim intolerants with a view to grabbing the shrine. But Brij Nath everytime frustrated their moves. Once he is said to have repulsed such an attack by thousands of Muslims by smearing his body with red oxide thereby posing himself as a fearful apparition. The mob was said to have been led by a local Mullah who through such an attack on the Hindu shrine was paving his road to heaven. With the rise in terrorist spate Shah was kidnapped and tortured. Shah had his name tattooed on his fore-arm The flesh at the spot was peeled off. His mouth had been stitched and he was strangulated to death. The rope round this neck could be visibly seen when his body was recovered.

Chaman Lal Pandita

Name: Chaman Lal Pandita

Father's Name: Maheshwar Nath Pandita

Date of Birth: 4.9.1955

Date of Assassination: 21.5.1990

Residence: Kawoosa, Badgam

Survived by wife (30), mother (65), daughter (6)

He was a school teacher posted at Mazhama in the district of Badgam. He was kidnapped and brutally tortured. His body bore multiple torture marks. He was hanged to death. His family moved from pillar to post to trace him out. Ultimately police informed the grieving family of his gruesome assassination by hanging. Chaman's Muslim neighbours had dissuaded him from abandoning his home. He was promised full protection. But when he cried for help, nobody came forward. His killing was a victory for Islam.

Vasudev Pandita

Name: Vasudev Pandita

Father's Name: Gopal Pandita

Date of Birth: S.7.1941

Date of Assassination: 11.8.1990

Residence: Rohama, Baramulla

Survived by wife (48), daughter (30), sons (36,34,18)

The Muslim killers barged into his house and pumped bullets into him. He fell wallowing in his own blood, evils dragged like a carcass for a long distance and in presence of the entire village strangulated to death. He was assured of protection by the Muslims but on the fateful day he faced hostility from all quarters.

Ram Nath Koul

Name: Ram Nath Koul

Father's Name: Dina Nath Koul

Date of Birth: 22.5.1935

Date of Assassination: 5.8.1990

Residence: Malapora, Habbakadal, SrinagJr

Survived by wife (50), daughters (30,25), son (28)

He was a head constable No.12515. He was placed on duty on road-side. The conspiracy to get him killed was said to have been hatched by his colleagues. When off duty he went to his residence. Hardly had he changed when the Muslim killers entered his room and sprayed him over with bullets. His body bore multiple bullet marks. It was a cruel murder of a Kashmiri Pandit.

Hridey Nath Bhat

Name: Hridey Nath Bhat

Father's Name: Gasha Ram Bhat

Date of Birth: 6.4.1937

Date of Assassination: 10.9.1990

Residence: Wuyann, Pulwama

Survived by wife (45), daughter (19,13), son (20,14)

He was kidnapped and straightway slaughtered.

Ashok Kumar Pandita

Name: Ashok Kumar Pandita

Father's Name: Jagar Nath Pandita

Date of Birth: 1.4.1963

Date of Assassination: 12.6.1990

Residence: Sofi Haman, Sopore

Survived by father (48), brothers (22 and 17), sisters (15,13,9)

He was a youngman in his twenties. He had a future ahead. But Muslim armed bigotry had drawn a blue-print for the total massacre of Pandits. He had yet to partake of the joys of life and was unmarried. His own friends whisked him away and shot him dead leaving his parents distraught, despondent and miserable.

Omkar Nath Raina

Name: Omkar Nath Raina

Father's Name: Gwashlal Raina

Date of Birth: 13.6.1949

Date of Assassination: 11.5.1990

Residence: Devi-angan, Srinagar

Survived by wife (34), daughter (9), mother (60)

He lived at the foot-hills of the Hari Parbat and would be in the front-ranks of fighting the vicious forces that always rallied to occupy and grab the lands attached with the ancient shrine of Chakreshwari. He was a watchful witness of all the parades that the budding Muslim terrorists would organise on the hill-top. The government of the day either connived at or collaborated. One evening his house was stoned till late in the night. He being the only person staying in the area surrounded by Muslims felt Jittery and fear-stricken. Next day he made up his mind to march out to unknown destinations. The Muslim killers having put him on notice were determined to take his toll. He took out his family and his old mother to board a bus for Jammu and in the way he was pounced upon and plucked away from his family. He was tortured and beaten. Burning cigarette bits were used to agonise him. His face was disfigured and his body was recovered at Alijan Road, Soura.

Ramesh Kumar Raina

Name: Ramesh Kumar Raina

Father's Name: Niranjan Nath

Date of Birth: 4.7.1959

Date of Assassination: 28.5.1990

Residence: Kralyar, Rainawari Srinagar

Survived by wife (25), daughters (4 in number), father (57), mother (50)

He was running a small shop in his own locality. He was kidnapped from his home in broad daylight. His father ran from pillar to post to trace him out. No clues could be got for days on end. Finally the family was informed that he was slaughtered and his corpse was hurled into the Jehlum. He was allegedly killed by the hounds of the Student Liberation Front (SLF).

Shanker Nath Ticku

Name: Shanker Nath Tiku

Father's Name: Gasha Lal Tiku

Date of Birth: 4.8.1920

Date of Assassination: 20.8.1990

Residence: Badgam

Survived by wife (60), daughters (37,35,21)

He was fairly old and was a farmer. The killers attempted to kidnap him from his residence, but failed in their sinister design as the old man gave them a slip. After remaining away for some time he returned to his home. The killers had not given up their witch-hunt. They were waiting for their kill. They saw him entering the portals of his house and suddenly pounced on him and whisked him away The womenfolk cried and screamed and sought every Muslim neighbour's help in getting him retrieved from the clutches of the butchers. But all in vain. He could not be traced for days together. Some villagers informed the family that he had been hanged at Wahaibpora. The police recovered his body and cremated him within the premises of the Police-station at Beerva. The family was said to have been shifted to Jammu under security cover.

Jawahar Lal Bhat

Name: Jawahar Lal Bhat

Father's Name: Vasudev Bhat

Date of Birth: 8.6.1933

Date of Assassination: 5.7.1990

Residence: Darbagh, Harwan, Srinagar

Survived by wife (55), sons (35,15)

He had a flourishing seed business and was reluctant to quit his village though Pandits under panic and threat of life had migrated to the zones across the Bannihal tunnel. On the assurance of his Muslim neighbour he stayed back in the house. As fear was in air and had gripped him, he spent his nights in the neighbour's residence who had assured him full safely. On the fateful night ten masked Muslim killers forced their entry into the house where he was seen just going to bed. They dragged him out, took him to his own farm and pumped multiple bullets into him. His family searched for him and were shocked to see him wallowing in his own pool of blood. He was cremated under police protection and his family members were shifted to a hotel in Srinagar where from they were sent to Jammu under security cover. The neighbour was in league with his killers. How fake the assurance was?

D.N. Chowdhary

Name: D.N. Chowdhary

Father's Name: Ram Chand Chowdhary

Date of Birth: June, 1935

Date of Assassination: 9.8.1990

Residence: Indira Nagar, Srinagar

Survived by wife (51), son's (28,25), father (X), mother (X)

He was the manager of the cement factory at Wuyan. He was kidnapped from his office in presence of three Muslim officers who could have intervened to save his life, but did not. The brutalities that were inflicted on the genial tempered Chowdhary were monstrous. His hands were broken with hammers and his tongue was chopped off. His whole face was mutilated and scarred by branding it with a red hot iron-press. His eye balls were plucked out. His body was thrown at a nearby village, Lethapora on Srinagar Anantnag highway. He was kidnapped on 8th August, 1990 and the next day his wife floated an appeal to the Hizbul Mujahideen hounds for his safe release through 'Srinagar Times'. Her appeal was rejected on the grounds that he was an Indian agent and on 11th August his body was recovered from roadside.

Chuni Lal Shalla

Father's Name: Shyam Lal Shalla

Date of Birth: 4.7.1939

Dare of Assassination: 1.5.1990

Residence: Seerjagire, Sopore, Baramulla

Survived by wife (43), son (7), daughter (9), father (68), mother (65)

He was an inspector of police posted near Handwara. He was returning home in a bus which he had boarded at the bus-stand An accomplice of the killers, said to be a police-man, a Muslim, accompanied him right from his place of posting The Muslim gangsters were already informed and aware of his having left in a bus for Baramulla. They asked for Chuni Lal when the bus was about to leave Langet, a station on the highway and the accomplice in the bus immmediately identified him. They dragged him out of the bus, whisked him away and tortured him for a number of days. He was chopped into pieces, huddled into a sack and thrown on the streets of Baramulla. A JKLF tag was placed on it forbidding anyone to pick it up. He was cremated under police protection and the family shifted to Jammu. His innocent blood has been steaming for justice. It is also said that the policeman himself unsheathed a dagger and slashed off his two cheeks sporting Jamaat-i-Islami type beard. He along with other terrorists battered his face with rods and sticks.

Lassa Koul

Name: Lassa Koul

Father's Name: Pt. Raghee Nath Koul

Date of birth: March, 1943

Date of assassination: 13.2.1990

Residence: Bemina, Srinagar

Survivied by wife (45), son (17), daughter (19)

He was extremely cool, calm and soft tempered. His behaviour unto people in and outside his office was such as would not have earned him an enemy. His cultured demeanour and suavy had won him maximum friends and well wishers among the Muslims. But with the rise of tidal wave of Muslim bigotry he was projected as the enemy of Islam responsible for launching a cultural aggression on the Muslims through the programmes telecast from the Television centre, Srinagar which he headed as its director.

It was late in the evening that Koul left the premises of the Television centre to call on his old and ailing parents living in the Bemina colony on the outskirts of the city. The killers were awaiting his arrival as it is alleged that some of their accomplices in the centre had informed them of his departure. No sooner did he step into the door of his house than he was showered with bullets killing him on the spot. Koul could not see and talk to his parents whom he served dutifully. His brutal assassination sent shock-waves not only into the government circles but also into the Kashmiri Pandit minority. The pace of exodus got accelerated which had begun the day Pandits perceived a nexus between the terrorists and government of the day. The Union Home Minister and Information and Broadcasting Minister flew to Srinagar to offer their condolences to the bereaved family. Shoukat Bakshi of the JKLF is said to be his killer who during interrogation revealed that Koul was eliminated at the behest of Aman Ullah Khan based in Pakistan.

The Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar is alleged to be infested with the accomplices and collaborators of the Muslim terrorists. The file replete with the sinister details regarding some officials of the centre and its over-all functioning has been moving from one Prime Minister to another but amazingly none has acted to cleanse the centre of the gross anti-national elements.

Ashok Kumar Qazi

Name: Ashok Kumar Qazi

Father's name: S.N Qazi

Date of Birth:

Date of Assassination: 24.12.1990

Residence: Sheshyar, Habbakadal Srinagar

Survived by:

He was a well known social activist and had wide contacts with people of varied shades. He possessed tremendous organizational skills and that was how he had emerged as the organising secretary of the organization led by H N Jattu. With a spurt in the killings of Kashmiri Pandits Jattu had established contacts with the kingpins of the murderous campaign asking them to explain their attitude unto Pandits and he was silenced by the brutal killings of Ashok Kumar Qazi.

Qazi was surrounded by a pack of Muslim hounds when he was found in the local market doing some shopping. He was shot in his knees, fell down in utter agonising state and started screaming for help from all present on the scene. He was thoroughly known to all the Muslim shopkeepers who never felt kindly to intervene with a view to saving him from the Muslim butchers. They tenaciously held that his killers were fighting for Islam which meant death for the Kafirs. The Muslim killers led by Bitta Karate drew pathological pleasure from Qazi's agonies and in sheer glee started singing and dancing. They plucked out his hair, slapped him incessantly in the face and spat at him out of absolute contempt. One of the Muslim brutes opened his trousers, flaunted his genitals and pissed over him. Meanwhile the siren of a police jeep could be heard from a distance and the killers pierced him with a barrage of bullets. They melted away as victors in the Muslim dominated locality and Qazi's bullet-riddled body was lying for hours together on the road covered with blood-stained snow.



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