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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


The Topsy - turvy Tree

I saw a topsy - turvy tree.
It said
"Sir, my roots are in the sky.
This way the world will be set right."
I shuddered and said
"What do you mean ?
You are a puzzle."
The tree said
"Be quiet.
You are a rebel.
They will imprison you.
Here truth is proscribed,
the guilty thrive,
virtue has decayed
morals are dead."
I said
" Listen !
There will be no forests.
Eagles won't fly,
they will walk.
Love will wither.
Compassion will burn
along with the snake,
will enter the cave.”
The tree said :
You are a reble.
Don’t call a day a day
A night a night.
Say that two suns have risen.
All are making merry.
Man is for sale"
I said
"Mister, your roots will dry up in the hot sun."
The tree said :.
"This earth will turn in to a blazing inferno.
My roots don’t need water.”
I said:
"What shall we eat?
Water is life.”
The tree said:
"Why need water
when all are mad?
flowers will bloom up in the sky,
a whirlpool will trap all,
it will rain acid,
beauty will be auctioned,
the wise will weep,
the ignorant will multiply,
greenery will disappear,
stones will cover the fields,
the lakes will turn into sand
moans will resound.
Even memory will end."

WAVES by Arjan Dev Majboor


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