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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


maaramati aawara karthas ...... 

    Beloved, you drove me distracted,
    But you could also save me now !
    Come by surprise, and fill thirsty cups
    With the wine of love.

    My broken heart lies captive
    In the garden of love.
    Couldn't you spare an odd moment
    Just to watch the fun ?

    A beggar of love stands at your door,
    Asking for your charity;
    Wouldn't a few words from you shame
    The world's choicest sweets ?

    Your coming caused a frenzied bloom
    In Nishat and Shalamar.
    Cross the Dal again, O lover of flowers,
    To set the whole lake in bloom !

    See what present I've brought for you -
    The pupils of my eyes !
    Won't you accept them and use them
    As gems to adorn your ear rings ?

    I said: Beloved, you broke faith,
    Reducing me to ashes.
    He called me void of love,
    For love wouldn't question faith !

    Couldn't you have shown mercy,
    When you stole my heart,
    In not burning even the seat
    Where my heart was lodged ?

    Mahjoor's gazals play fresh tunes
    On the harp of love.
    You could read them to know to whom
    He sings and what he says.



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