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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


jaanaana tse kiti jaan jaan saamaana banaavim .... 

Beloved ! I've made for you many a lovely thing - 
Wine cups fashioned out of jessamine petals,
Enchanting tales woven from your short breath or two
(which is all your speech to hint a yes or no),
Pearls strapped from rain drops coming down
When my ardour soared up the sky as a cloud,
Fields of flowers smiling where it was desolate land - 
Made desolate, in fact, by these very hands of mine !
I came to taste life's nectar but, enslaved by illusion,
Wove my own thoughts as chains to fetter me.
I learnt about the saqi's new wine of motherland,
For which I fashioned new bowls with an ardent passion !
Those times are gone when you could beg, beseech and get !
I donned the robe of pride, with no hem for supplication.
Justice till now was to be had as freely as the air.
I set up shops in every street to have it freely sold !
Many a covetous man was enticed with liberal sweets,
And many a simple soul with visions of the hereafter !
I adore the company of friends - all my brothers ! 
That's why, despite my faith, I've built a temple at home.
Mahjoor, I've set up shops for your wine in every place,
For it restores to sobriety those who've got drunk !


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