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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


rozu rozu bozu myaani Or macho

    Stay, O love, and hear my plaint !
    Love-sick, I yearn for you.

    You've made a Kartik full moon peak and pine,
    Seeking you over hill and dale.

    How hard to watch youth waste away -
    O, what price to pay for love !

    Masval, yembenal and pomegranate blossoms
    I offer at your feet, my love.

    Your eyes are swords of blandishment,
    Well aimed straight at my heart.

    Both love and torment flow from you -
    You are both the wound and the balm.

    My blood joins now with streams of tears.
    Like scattered necklace pearls I lie !

    You've cured so many with your loving eyes,
    Buy why was no compassion left for me ?

    The Bengal magicians were seized with despair
    On beholding your eyes like cups of wine.

    Mahjoor would reveal all his deepest thoughts,
    If he were truly free to open out his heart !



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