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Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji Trust Activities

by M. K. Tikoo

After our forced exodus from the valley, a large number of devotees expressed their keen desire to have an "Ashrama" in Jammu as well, where they could meet to have "Samohik Arti" every evening at the feet of the Master.

So a piece of land was purchased at Borhi Jammu, which had already a dilapidated shed on it. The same was got renovated and then regular "Arti" was started. Due to the paucity of space and with the ever increasing inflow of the devotees the need to have a much bigger accommodation was felt. So came up the present double-story "L-shaped" building with a lawn in the front. All this was possible only because of BhagwaanJi's charismatic and magnetic divine personality and His ever flowing grace as also close and active cooperation and encouragement from the devotees'. The "Ashram" is acquiring stature every day in and out. Its effulgence is spreading throughout the country and even abroad. Devotees from outside and overseas especially from Australia, Canada and Switzerland, regularly visit the Shrine.

With this, besides the daily evening "Arti", our usual activities that we used to have at Srinagar, like providing financial assistance to widows, orphans and the physically handicapped, medical aid to patients suffering from different ailments, help to poor students to pursue their studies etc. were also started here.

Under similar circumstances as desclibed above another "Ashram" at Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi, also was constructed. Devotees at Bangalore also started another one, but that is still housed in a rented accommodation.

We are having the below mentioned activities round the year in the Ashrams at Jammu, Delhi & Bangalore concurrently:

i. Annual mahayagnya on "Jyeshta Shukla Dvitiya". The Yagnya starts a day earlier in the evening and "Purna Ahuti" is offered at 2 P.M. After this thousands of devotees have the "Prashad".

ii. Bhagwanajis' "Mahajayanti" is celebrated on "Ashad Shukla Dwadshi". The day starts with "Paduka Pujan" at 8-30 A.M. At noon a very large number of sadhus are fed and paid "Dakhshana", which was the practice in Bhagawanjis' life time also. After this "Prashad" is distributed to the general public which is followed by discourses and devotional music till late in the evening.

iii. Only two days after the Mahajayanti we have "Guru Purnima". On this day devotees sit at BhagawaanJis feet and offer flowers "Pushpa Archana". In fact "Seekers of truth" throughout the length and breadth of the country worship their masters with great humility and devotion on this day.

iv 25th of December in celebrated as "Bal Divas", Childrens Day. A large number of children are given presents and sweets are distributed after the evening "Arti".

v. On "Hora Ashtami" Phalguna Krishna Ashtami we have night Jagran.

vi. On "Navreh", 1st of Navratra, an essay competition is held which is open to all students and other people. We suggest the topic and a team of eminent Judges prepare the merit list. Prizes are given for the best material and best presentation separately.

vii. On 1st Sunday of every month, we have "Japahoma" of Bhagawan Jis Shatnam, followed by recitation of the "Guru Gita".

viii. BhagwanJis "Sacred Bibhuti" is distributed among the needy regularly.

Beside this other festivals also are celebrated. Revival of B.G.T. Patrika, which besides other publications, was our regular feature at Srinagar we hope, will go a long way in spreading Bhagwan conciousness", an awareness of universal brotherhood.

Om Shanti.



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