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Atrocities in Kashmir
Destruction of Temples
Desecration of Hindu Temples in Kashmir from the advent of Islam 1339 A.D.
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated in Feb. 1986
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated from 1987 to 1990
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated from 1990-Dec. 1992
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated after Dec. 6, 1992
Temples Vandalized in Kashmir after December 6, 1992
Press & Police Reports
A list of Temples Destroyed

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Temples vandalised in Kashmir after December 6, 1992

Name of Temple  Location  District  Remarks
Vamu Mandir  Verinag  Anantnag  Ancient Idol publicly desecrated and then removed.
Temple on the spring  Verinag  Anantnag  Burnt. 
Vetesta Mandir (Vetha Votur), Two Dharamshallas (Three Storeyed)  Verinag  Anantnag  Burnt. Temple As ancient as River Jehlum (Vitasta) 
Buna Gund Mandir  Verinag  Anantnag  Burnt
Two Dharamshallas, Manzgam Mandir  Tehsil Kulgam  Anantnag  ThisTemple is also known as Khir Bhawani Mandir. Burnt after removing removing whole moveable property.
Uma Nagri  Brarianangan  Anantnag  -
Kantiyani Mandir  Kakran  Anantnag  Under Dharmarth Trust of Dr. Karan Singh, blasted and has got damaged.
Mirhama Mandir  Mirhama, Kulgam  Anantnag  Burnt. 
Two ancient shrines  Hanand, Chowalgam  Anantnag  Burnt
Kulwagishori Mandir  Kulgam  Anantnag  Idols, pictures and scriptures desecrated, removed, Dharamshalla Burnt.
Devsar Mandir  Devsar, Kulgam  Anantnag  Burnt
Ancient Temple Tripor Sondri Khanabarni  Devsar, Kulgam  Anantnag  Burnt to ashes along with three Dharamshallas and "havan" shed.
Luka Bhauan  Larkipora  Anantnag  Three Temples & Dharamshallas burnt which uere also damaged in 1986 and subsequently repaired.
Botsar Mandir and Ashram  Uttarsoo  Anantnag  The temple 8 houses, two cow sheds, 2 kothars of Hindus were set on fire.
Pahalgam Temple  Pahalgam  Anantnag  The tin shed of Pahalgam temple gutted partially. Fire was controlled by fire services.
Shiva Mandir  SheerGunj  Anantnag  The temple, 6 residential houses, 1 cow sheds, 2 kothars of Hindus were set on fire on 8-12-92.
Ashmuji Mandir  Kulgam  Anantnag  Burnt along with Dharmshalla.
One Mandir  Chatargul  Anantnag  One temple at Chatargul. Achbal was set on fire.
One Mandir  Hard Chanan  Rafiabad, Baramulla  Militants atttempted to set on fire temple at Hardchanan on 11-12/12/92 but got it partially damaged.
One temple  Palhalan  -do-  During the night intervening 9/10 Dec. 1992 militants set on fire a place of worship at village Palhalan (Patan) 
One temple  Karihama  -do-  Burnt.
One temple  Kreri  -do-  Burnt.
Shiva Mandir Vishnov  Baramulla  -do-  Burnt. This is also located on River Jehlum. It is not Shilputri temple damaged in 1990.
Nandkishwar Bairav Nath Mandir  Sumbal  -do-  It was set on fire on 8-12-92 but saved.
One temple  Nowgam  Budgam  Burnt.
One Temple  Bana Mohalla  Srinagar  The Temple is on the Bank of River Jehlum. Burnt by applying fire to varandah of a displaced house touching the temple.
One Temple & shed at crematorium  Karan Nagar  Srinagar  Temple and shed gutted. Cause of fire- mischievousness.
Magarmal Bagh Mandir  Srinagar  -do-  Burnt. 
Kunzer Mandir  Kunzer  Baramulla  Burnt
Karihama Mandir  Karihama  Budgam  Burnt
Karfali Mohalla Mandir  Srinagar  Srinagar  Damaged
One Temple  Areh, Kulgam  Anantnag  Burnt
Bata Gund Mandir  Handwara  Kupwara  Burnt
Chogal Mandir  Handwara  Kupwara  Burnt
Chak Narayan Dass Mandir  Tangmarg  Baramulla  Burnt
Narayan Bagh Shadipora Mandir & pathshalla  Shadipora  Baramulla  By throwing grenades on the temple & pathshalla.
Bhairavnath Mandir, Nursing Garh  Karan Nagar  Srinagar  Burnt by mobs in broad daylight.
Sri. Sanatan Dharm Sabha, Amira Kadal  Srinagar  Srinagar  The buildings were set on fire.

Atrocities in Kashmir

Destruction of Temples



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