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January-March 2003 issue

Sharika Bhagwati painting

Sharika Bhagwati in Kashmiri Panditani attire
(Photo courtesy, Vitasta Annual, Kashmir Sabha, Kolkata)

Table of Contents

Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Project ZAAN
Gems of Kashmiri Verse

Know Your Language
Peculiar Kashmiri Words & Phrases - 3

(speaking in such a way as to confuse a person with the object of deceiving or swindling him)

(one who finds fault with or pinpoints otherís shortcomings)

(to achieve nothing after a hard work)

(to pester ~ to speak persistently thereby annoying a person)

(one who utters ill words)

(the end of a Yuga or age ~ great calamity or agony)

(to get something at exorbitantly high price)

(a man of the Khas tribe, described as a bugaboo to frighten children)

(diversion of attention from some work)

(whisking off insects, flies etc. by employing the bushy tail of the yak as a chowry)

(diarrhoea of cattle ~ this word is generally used for cursing)


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