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January-March 2003 issue

Sharika Bhagwati painting

Sharika Bhagwati in Kashmiri Panditani attire
(Photo courtesy, Vitasta Annual, Kashmir Sabha, Kolkata)

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Book Review  

Book:  Mysticism Across Cultures – 
Studies on Select Poets and Saints 
Author: Dr. A.N. Dhar
Publishers: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi.

Post exodus has meant a huge outpouring of literary works from people of our own community. Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Current Events, etc have been tried. In the present work under review, I find a much deeper thought and critical acclaim from a person whom I can call a real researcher. The idea of mysticism no doubt, is enveloped into subtlety and bringing it to an intellectual level needs, clarity and understanding, which only a person of Dr. Dhar's imminence could draw.

 Though the topic of the book is mysticism, but it very diligently draws the mystic aspects of some really great poets 'across cultures'. While comments on the Patmore, the great European mystic poet and also of celebrated T.S.Elot are there, what has extensively deliberated is the mystic content of the poetry of Kashmiri poets Lalla Ded, Nund reshi, Master Zinda kaul, Swami Govind Kaul and Bhagyavaan Pandit. It is a fact that the Kashmiri literary circles have not taken adequate notice of the contribution of the last two. While Swami Govind Kaul was an inspiration through the few books of his poetry, to those on his line of spiritual quest, nothing was known to the world of Bhagyavaan Pandit till the publication of her works 'Man Pamposh', about three years back. It goes to the credit of Dr. Dhar that he has brought them into full focus of the literary inclined Kashmiris. He has not only highlighted the mystic content of their works but also their poetic excellence.

 We have in Mumbai, people already acquainted with these two poets. While Mumbai was one of the few places which Swami Govind Kaul had visited outside Kashmir in his life time, Bhagyavaan Pandit was part of Mumbai biradari for long period before her Maha Samadhi which also took place in Mumbai. The monumental work of Dr. Dhar will therefore find a number of interested readers in Mumbai. They shall rather be thankful to Dr. Dhar for having brought into lime light the contribution of these poets besides exploring the common substream among all the mystic poets of the world, whether past or present.
... P.N.Wali

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