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January-March 2003 issue

Sharika Bhagwati painting

Sharika Bhagwati in Kashmiri Panditani attire
(Photo courtesy, Vitasta Annual, Kashmir Sabha, Kolkata)

Table of Contents

Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Report & Biradari News  

Vaarshik Hawan  (Input C.L.Raina)
The long cherished date and day arrived at last and the heart throbing wait was over. All roads led to, converged and closed at Kairali Kala Mandal, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, with a sprawling lawn of 6400 sft. and about 800 sft. of Pandal, the venue of Vaarshik Hawan this year. It was for the first time that the event was performed in Navi Mumbai. Holy pooja was performed by three couples namely Smt. & Shri S.Vaishnavi, Smt. & Shri Sanjeev Munshi and Smt. & Shri C.L.Raina, under the agies of the Purohit, which rented the air with its fragrance and sanctity continuously for 24 hours.

 Thanks to Hawan Committee, which under the convenership of Capt. Rakesh Shah, after having looked into minute details and multifaceted aspects, had achieved total perfection in arranging the event. Volunteers felt pleasure in attending to comforts of one and all. Biradari members who came in sizable numbers, were all beaming with joy and happiness. The aged as well as those from Navi Mumbai, who were unable to participate in earlier Hawans at Andheri, were full of satisfaction and praise. The gathering offered a unique chance for them to meet and greet one another.

 President of the Association Shri M.L.Mattoo tried his best to reach each and every participant to ensure that they felt at home.

 There could have been more hue and colour to the occasion, had the premises been our own, as everybody left the place very reluctantly.

Extra-ordinary General Meeting:
An Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Association was held at Kashyap Bhawan on 23rd March 2003. The sole agenda of the Meeting was to approve purchase of 1000 SM of plot at Navi Mumbai through CIDCO at concessional rates, for construction of a KPA Complex. A resolution to this effect was unanimously passed. 

 Members also wanted the entire project to be completed in 5 to 6 years time and suggested various methods of Fund Raising for the purpose.

Annual Cultural Programme

An Evening to Remember :
This year the Annual Cultural Function was held on 29th March at Rangsharda auditorium. The differences were many, but one most prominent was that the date fell soon after the massacre of 24 Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. The programme therefore started with homage to those killed and sympathy for the grieved families. The programme was a balanced combination of music, ballet, drama, and dance. Music composed and orchestered by our own maestro Shri Kakaji Safaya was an experience in innovation, tradition, harmony and melody.

Melody was available in abundance not only from Ms Veena Kaul and M/s Kusumlata Razdan Razdan, who had both come from Pune but also from Ms Vijay Bhan and our young artist Miss Dollce Bhan and young Ashish Safaya dully peppered by with voice from Kaka Ji himself. Such beautiful and accomplished voices lent to well chosen Kashmiri lyrics were a treat to the ear and the soul.

The ballet 'Praagaash' presented by Ms Vijay Bhan with help of young kids ably supported by beautiful singing by her and Dollcy was well received. Its spiritual undertones were not missed by the thoughtful. The Kathak part of the ballet by Miss Shweta enhanced its impact.

The youth group this year again presented a drama-skit 'Kabhi Tsok, Kabhi Modur', which every body was waiting for. The theme why God forsake us in the dire straits of exodus was presented in rib tickling humour and finally heart touching pathos.

 Sanjeev Kaul, who conceived and directed the play and his group, did an excellent job.

 The dance 'Nav Reh' created in modern idiom and present day style by Rohit Saproo was tribute to his imagination and choreographic skills. The presentation of the theme of light and darkness was done by the group almost to perfection.

Protest March at Churchgate:
KPA organized silent protest rally at Churchgate Station at 5 p.m on 1st April, 2003 which happened to be 10th day of the massacre of 24 Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. The men and women of the community carried placards and banners. It was well covered by the press and electronic media. The large number of people who pass through this place at the rush hour took due notice of the protest.

M.K. Kaw is AIKS President:
Pt. M.K.Kaw has been elected as the President of All India Kashmiri Samaj. Kaw Saheb has recently retired from Indian Administrative Servic as Secretary to the Department of Human Resources. Even before retirement, he was connected with number of biradhari activities. KPA sent its congratulations to Kaw Saheb on assuming the office.

Girija Pandit Releases Panchastavi in Kashmiri:
Mrs. Girija Pandit has released through NICE Music Industry, a cassette tape of Panchastavi in Kashmiri. The translation is Kashmiri poetry is done by Shri Jia Lal Saraf, which is very popular in every Kashmiri home. She has not only composed the music but has also lent her sonorous voice to the song. The tune adopted to is akin to the popular brand in Kashmir (which is also available in the version sung by Neena Sapru), but the music interludes of a very high quality and blend well with the wording and spirit of the song. The technical quality of recording is very high (compared with earlier version available). The cassette costing only Rs. 35.00 will be well received by Kashmiri community.

News from Delhi

Rhythms & Melodies of Kashmir 
(Input: Dalip Langoo)

The things happened in similar fashion like we used to have in Srinagar till 1989. The music we experienced on 17th and 18th at Kamani was a repeate of old Kashmiri music. Ustad Ali Mohmad Sheikh and party, Bulbul and party and a few song numbers sung by Kailash Mehra, Usha Kher, Ghulam Nabi Sheikh, Kaiser Nizami, Muneer Ahmed Mir and Abdul Rashid Pharash and some new faces from Srinagar were the main participants. The show was organised by ICCR. Bhajan ji deserves all credit to hold such a great musical extravaganza. He presented two scintillating orchestral presentations on 18th evening. The compositions were a mix of traditional and the modern. The modern was just to establish the link between the combinations of various traditional compositions. Kailash and Ghulam Nabi presented their famous numbers and received tremendous appreciation. Though there was nothing innovative or new in Kashmiri music that artistes presented except Bhajan ji's presentation, the programme was, as a whole appreciated.

 It is a point of concern that all those artistes who left the valley due to mass migration, have repeated been ignored, inspite of their representation from time to time in this behalf.

Nuptials :
  Bhumica D/o Smt. Vijay & Shri T.K.Bhan of Shreyas Apts, Nerul, was married to Jidish S/o Smt & Shri Padmanabhan Poorvardhan on 22nd January 2003 at Navi Mumbai.  Sangeeta D/o Smt. Mohini & Shri Mohan Lal Dhar of Rock Garden, Link Road, Dahisar was married to Avinash Misar S/o Smt. & Shri Sharad Balwant Misar on 19th Feb 2003 at Mumbai. Sumit Kaul S/o Smt Rita & Shri Moti Kaul of Kalash, Sundervan Complex, Oshiwara, was married to Ritu D/o Smt. & Shri Amar Chowdhary at Delhi on 20th Feb. 2003.

Births :

Anjina and Kavir Fotedar (Son of Shri R.N.Fotedar of Chembur) were blessed with a son at White Plains, New York on Sunday, 5th January 2003. 

Change of Tel. Nos :

Mattoo M.L., Utsav, 12th Road, Chembur: 
New Nos: 25210892, 25211198.


 Namaskar. I read your word of thanks in Milchar, Oct-Dec 2002. I am glad that you have an idea about the requirement of some piece of land for the construction of a  community hall, some little or big temple with other facilities for the community.

 I wish you take some practical initiative in this regard. Only thinking cannot do, but think we must. We must have the provision to purchase the land and surround it with brick wall. To begin with we should think nothing more or nothing less than this.

 We can develop this piece of land as picnic spot by making it beautiful with plants and trees. Gradually, it can be used in any manner we can afford. The above minimum step in the right direction will also cost us lot of money.

 I think after seeing the Hawan donation list, there are good number of people in the community who can afford to subscribe in a good way for the cause provided proper practical approach is made to them.

 For my part, though I may not be able to give you any active help but I can assure you of my financial help in my own humble way.

 The task is heavy but I am sure that the people like you who are on the helm of affairs can get it done. There is nothing impossible.
Mohan Lal Bradoo

 It has come to my ears that some well meaning biradari members are taking initiative to acquire a suitable piece of land for socio-cultural activities of KPA through CIDCO. I feel this move needs to be fully explored, supported and facilitated, so that we can have a piece of land of our own for the furtherance of 'Aims & Objectives' and expension and growth of our cultural activities as enshrined in KPA Constitution. 

I send my prayers and best wishes for the same.
Jawahir Lal Kasid

 During the course of the Hawan, I was given to understand that KPA is moving expeditiously in acquiring some land to build a hall in Navi Mumbai area. I wish you all success in this venture and I am sure that the hall to be built would take care of the needs of the expanding Kashmiri population in and around Mumbai. I am sure that the community would welcome this initiative and support it morally as well as financially. Needless to mention, you can count on my support in fulfilling this requirement of the community. In case I can be of any help, please let me know.
Surinder Wazir

 I understand that KPA Mumbai has decided to go in for their own plot in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai. It is not only heartening but also a matter of solace to all those biradari members, whose dream would come true. Though we have a place of our own at Bhawani nagar, there are some constraints. (Getting land from government organisation on subsidised price) is a welcome opportunity and should be grabbed with open arms. 

 KPA should go ahead in acquiring the plot as our Association is strong enough to garner the required moral, financial and physical support which would be required for embarking on this mammoth endeavour.
B.M. Munshi

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