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April-June 2002 issue

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Between Ourselves

Kashmir Cauldron 

By the time this piece appears in Milchar, Kashmir Political cauldron which has again been on the simmer for the past two months or so now, may have reached the full boil point. All these  six weeks or so many a political parties moved by their own agenda/considerations/compulsions have tried to put their ingredients in the cauldron and wish the cauldron to throw up a dish which even though unpalatable to their palate may appear delectable to the eyes of the public
  • Like, the Hurriyat, while offering a fresh proposal on Kashmir, which laid emphasis on their leaders visiting POK to convince the militants leaders there about the cessation of militancy for the peace in the valley, added for garnishing sake that Kashmiri Pandits shall have to return.
  • Like, Omar Farooq on his coronation while enunciating the priorities for the state as the new President of National conference harped the tune of autonomy which he said the present government in Delhi may not concede to but any future government shall have to  grant it to J&K, tagging for the sake of public consumption that Kashmir Pandits shall have to return to the valley with honour and dignity.
  • Like, Mr. Bhat President Jamat-e-Islami completely disassociated himself with their often quoted maxim – “accession to Pakistan”. He even went to the extent of saying the word Pakistan doesn’t appear in their constitution – a volte-face. He  even said that whatever views have been pronounced on this issue so far have been personal views of Mr. Gheelani – Jamat doesn’t subscribe to it.
  • Like, for the first time VHP & RSS have adopted resolutions on Kashmir policy and shown keen interest in the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, as if, suddenly waking up after slumber of 12 years suggesting quadruplicating or Triplicating the J&K state. A position in the valley for Kashmiri Pandits was emphatically made out. The statement was lapped up within minutes by the Chairman of Panun Kashmir Dr. Ajay Chrangu. The proposals, as was expected, have since been rejected by the BJP and the other leftist parties.
  • Like, Sajad Lone, the son of deceased Ab. Gani Lone addressing a sizeable gathering at Kupwara, his home town on the ‘Chelum’ of his father made two relevant points – one that Hurriyat leaders are not people’s representatives. Second, if they do not remove hindrances in  ormalizing situation in the valley, the people could remove them from their respectable places and disgrace them. The important thing however, was slogans. ‘Hindu-Muslim Itihad Zindabad’ speaks a lot for the times to come.
  • Like, there is thinking in Delhi that elections in J&K state may be held in March 2003, so that when Dr. Farooq’s term, ends in October –beyond that date the state could be put under Presidents rule and free and fair elections ensured.
 So you see, a lot is cooking in Kashmir cauldron, but, ‘Between Ourselves’ Kashmiri Pandits Community shall be talked about, tossed in resolutions, but nothing tangible shall fall into our plate – our thirst shall remain unquenched, for realms best known to our leaders.

J. L. Manwati

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